The Ministry of Finance and Development has bid farewell to outgoing African Development Bank Country Manager for Liberia Dr. Orison M. Amu as the cooperation between the Bank and Liberia remains strong and continues to grow.

As of 31st May 2021, statistics have shown that the Bank has 15 on-going operations in Liberia with a total commitment of USD 425 million (UA 304 million).

The MFDP recalled that Dr. Amu in exercising his duties, and providing leadership and strategic direction for Bank Country Office in Liberia; the AfDB provided in 2018, over US$10M as budget support to the Government of Liberia in order for the country to meet its balance of payments obligations, as well as driving the objectives of the Pro-Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development (PAPD).

Accordingly, during Dr. Amu time in Liberia, the country continues to enjoy strong cooperation with AfDB through financial commitment to Liberia Economic Governance and Competitiveness Support Project (EGCSP).

Through his leadership and direction, the AfDB supported the “Investment Promotion Agencies in Transition Countries Project” under its “ADF-14 Transition Support Facility (TSF)”, as well as the REEL Project that is geared towards the development of a hydro power plant on the Gbedin Falls on the St. John River in Nimba County.

His astute leadership impact has resulted in an improved private sector competitiveness, access to electricity for Industries, SMEs and domestic consumers, and improving regulatory framework through projects implementation by the government of Liberia.