The Budget & Finance Unit is responsible to facilitate the effective and efficient allocation and utilization of financial resources in accordance with fiscally sound principles that supports the MFDP Strategic Planning and decision making processes. Additionally, the Unit prepare the MFDP’s budget and report on the ministry financial operations. The Unit is headed by a Director and aided by an Assistant Director with cohort of technicians in running its day-to-day affairs. Below are key reports prepared and produced by the BFU:
a. MFDP Budget
b. MFDP Budget Execution
c. MFDP Financial Operations
d. Financial Statements
e. Budget Performance Reports (BPR)
f. Financial Management Report (FMR)
g. Account Execution Report
h. Budgetary Transactions Status Report
i. Travel Retirement Schedules
j. Commitment Control Schedules
k. Spending Plans
l. Bank Reconciliation Statements
m. Special Projects Financial Reports